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When Lyme Tests are negative

I saw my Doctor today and asked what was the next step as my Lyme was negative. He replied well its a good thing its negative as you don’t have it.
He looked at me and I was hanging off the chair in severe pain looking very Insane and delusion! I was about to explain about the Lyme test not being reliable, but in my heart I knew I was not going to get any where with it. I went right back to when I first got the tick bite and the symptoms I am having, and how unwell I am feeling with the heart palpitations and the severe pain and numbness in my varicose veins where I had the bite. He told me with all the cut backs with the N.H.S Im not going to get a Referral to the vein consultant unless my leg goes a funny color or i get any sores. I dont have any fight left, I cant get through to them, yes they know I am not well, but hey who cares, cos your test was negative!

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  • Jc Lisa That exactly the point I reached paula degville, I just give up with the docs after 20 odd years diagnose me with me ,chronic fatigue ,spondilosis ,arthiritus etc and try and bare the pain and aches and general brain fog,senstive eyes etc etc the See More
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  • Joanne Drayson You don’t have to give up either of you – even if you haven’t the fight for your GP, you should e mail – they may give you advice you can use to discuss with GP or maybe even send on ahead of a further appointment – if they take 5 mins to look at the information it could be enough to give you a trial of antibiotics.
    Keep your ears open for the possibility of Lyme Disease Clinic re opening maybe not at Winchester maybe Southampton – it is designed for people like us (not open and shut cases) 
    Meanwhile you could try to get blood test to send off to IgeneX or BCA labs for your own interest but sometimes it has helped some patients get treatment.
    In a last resort many have bought antibiotics on line – a 3 month fictitious trip to West Africa will get you Doxycycline as a Malaria prophylactic ( imagine the very treatment that can help many patients improve their symptoms is given for long periods for someone just a sa prophylactic)…/malaria-tablets Then there is Burrascano detailed treatment protocols see files above
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  • Joanne Drayson Then of course there is Dr Horowitz amazing book which will help you seek some tests from GP to find what problems you suffer with and ideas for treatments – follow the links from this blog post…/infection…
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The Healing Power of Cannabis Oil On Lyme Disease and Lyme Co-infections


Amazing Results: The Healing Power of Cannabis Oil On Lyme Disease and Lyme Co-infections

September 12, 2013 by 66 Comments.
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vfdvdfThe beginning of my journey with Lyme disease is similar to most. My ending, however, is playing out quite differently than most. I found a tick behind my ear at the age of fourteen, and had various health problems for seven years before I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, Lupus, Mycoplasma, Bartonella, and Babesia. After two years my Lupus, Mycoplasma, Bartonella and Babesia are entirely eradicated. As far as my Lyme disease goes, I now have zero symptoms. My remaining ones are a result of withdrawals from the prescriptions I so naively started taking when I was initially diagnosed. How am I already returning to a healthy lifestyle only two years after forgetting to read, write, walk and talk? Well, a wealth of credit is owed to the Buhner protocol. I would not be where I am today without it. Still, I had one last giant “hump” in healing to get over after a year on the protocol. So I took a shot in the dark which, for me, turned out to be the path to light. I decided to make my own cannabis oil and began taking it every waking hour. I now owe my life to this fascinating herb and am hopeful some of you will find strength and encouragement through this information.

For a year and a half I had over ten seizures a day. I tried every treatment I could find, exhausting outlets in both conventional and holistic medicine. Desperately searching for answers, I stumbled across what turned out to be one of the most profound facts I have ever learned. Marijuana contains one of the most potent anticonvulsants in the world. Controversy over the subject was meaningless at that point, as the herb offered a possible solution to one of my most debilitating symptoms. As it turned out, smoking marijuana not only controlled my seizures, it completely cured them. With that in mind, I moved forward with my research. If it could do for seizures what no other plant or prescription could do, what could it do for Lyme? What I found was nothing short of fascinating, and essentially lifesaving.

Cannabis has over 700 healing components which, to the best of my knowledge, is more than any other plant known to mankind.  Since my Lyme disease had reacted to and benefited from literally every herb I had taken, I figured it would without a doubt react to cannabis as well. Indeed, it did. Smoking marijuana had sometimes made me feel sick in the past, and I realized this could possibly be because it caused a Herxheimer reaction from bacteria die off each time. Experimenting what thankfully turned out to be an anything but crazy theory, I smoked an exceptionally large amount one night and suffered from a massive Herxheimer reaction. The next day, when it subsided, I felt I had regained a little chunk of my brain back. Since smoking the herb out of a regular pipe also means inhaling a lot of toxins, I began using a vaporizer to get more cannaniboids. My rate of improvement significantly sped up when I did this. Naturally, this motivated me to take treatment one step further and find out what the results of taking cannabis oil would do for me.  After only a month of taking it I was able to return to work and school, and began to drive and have a social life again. Now, I am finally planning to move out and be independent for the first time in years. Basically, I am returning to a lifestyle that I was once unsure I would ever see again thanks to the immense healing power of cannabis oil.

Understandably, some will negate this article due to preconceived notions regarding cannabis, ones we were all conditioned to believe from a young age. Even I once held strong beliefs that cannabis was harmful to my health, but I could not be more thankful that I was proven otherwise. For me, the tangible proof stemming from first-hand experience will always trump the mere words of others.

Please browse through the CE website to find more links about the medicinal benefits of this herb. You can start here and here.

Strong correlation of Lyme to MS

Scottish incidence of M.E./CFS, anyone got any published articles saying that this is higher than the rest of the U.K.? Can’t find any, preferably peer reviewed primary literature. Also- the correlation between CFS/ME and Lyme- I remember seeing maps (I think from the US) with the geographical distribution bearing strong similarity. Anyone got a link to this? Ta. x
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Bicarbonate soda for Detox

Baking Soda: Sodium Bicarbonate


I read that a recommendation for the herx reaction is Alka Seltzer Gold. It’s thought that its having an alkalizing impact on the blood is good for herx.

Meanwhile, I’ve become recently aware that I don’t sweat as much as I ought to. Or perhaps my body heat doesn’t rise as much as it ought to. No matter the reason, on hot and humid days I am often dry as a bone …. maybe a couple of droplets where my hairline and forehead converge.

I did a lot of reading and found that baking soda is a good remedy for this. There were people with hypohidrosis who also had acid reflux. They used baking soda for the reflux and found that they started to sweat a bit more.

I read more and more about baking soda. It is touted as an answer to cancer. Supposedly, it alkalizes the blood and this remedies blood vessel constriction. This helps oxygen circulate through the blood stream. Cancer doesn’t fare as well in oxygenated blood.

There is a whole school of people who drink small amounts of baking soda in water each day, trying to reap the benefits of a better blood pH.

It is also reputed to assist people with internal candida overgrowth. I’ve long suspected this to be a problem for me after spending soooo many months on heavy doses of antibiotics. In this way, it is also supposed to help people with bloating. (And I’m getting pretty bloated from the salt, but I was a bit bloated already …. I’m hoping it will relieve what ever the initial problem was/is).

I have started doing it. I can’t say I’ve experienced a parting of the heavens in the past three days, but …. I am sweating a tiny bit more.

Should you give it a try, remember that too much baking soda can kill you! Use it in moderation. “Less is more.” Not “more is more.”

For alkalizing the blood, you should do:

1/4 teaspoon in 1/2 a glass of water – once in the morning and once before bedtime.

(*NB: This is baking SODA NOT baking POWDER*)

For more info, here are a couple of interesting links:

And the one RE cancer:

(*There were several websites with this kind of information. Most sound kind of angry and paranoid about big pharmaceutical companies hiding this information, but …. it’s interesting nonetheless*)