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Lyme Expert – Alan Macdonald

Alan Macdonald Lyme Expert Key Points:  19:45 – US Test kit Band 31 only US Specific one of 300 genotypes. Three types of European Lyme not Type 31. Eye and brain are sanctuary sites hide. Spirochetes can combine with other proteins that sit on top and conceals so immune. Cloak in antibodies which are not impacted by immune system. Biofilms are the ultimate survival technique. Extracellular matrix. 04:32 –  promotes survival and chronic infection. 07:05 – Cystic Forms – Round bodies  – Ball of worms. Open up and 12:00 – Cytokines promote an regulate a bacterial response (IE red rash around tick byte.) 16:30 – BIO Film confirmed in Lyme. FORMS

  • Granular From – Salt and pepper shapes little chopped up pieces
  • Spiral Form
  • Mutant straight form – Lost its motor form that moves it- Flagellan less mutants
  • Lyperzones – Enough DNA
  • Balloons or cell bubbles with no

Alan G Barbour did lots of research into.99% of all bacterial in the body (90% of weight)

Dr Merlier & BCA – Recommendation from Bibo

FB message fro Bibo early Jan 2014

– So, De Meirleir does different types of testing. He tests by PCR at and if it is positive they send blood on to the University of Liege for DNA sequencing. This is how he diagnosed me. More recently he has been using where they do an LTT-Elispot test amongst other things.

I would recommend that you go with BCA / Infectolab  – Jan 2014

I would do the LTT Elispot, the CD57 and the panel for co-infections (it is very very common to have more than one infection).

I believe that if you contact them they will send you a kit and you just need someone to draw the blood and send it back to them by courier. They are quite used to dealing with international patients.