LymeClear Protocol launched


APRIL 2020 – A promising new natural treatment protocol for Lyme disease and co-infections has been launched. The protocol takes care of some of difficult to remove pathogens including mold, parasites and worms. A home testing system is provided so you can track your progress against your personalised plan adapted to your needs. The protocol addresses the main causes of treatment failure that have prevented many people from recovering from this disease.

A successful pilot in 2019 confirmed the efficacy of the LYMECLEAR protocol. Over 80% of patients reported their health improved by 90% within the first two weeks.

The LYMECLEAR protocol is currently available for home users via  Skype / ZOOM / Telephone  based therapist support.

A 14-21 day retreat in Thailand will be available as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

The LymeClear Protocol

The LYMECLEAR™ protocol is easy to follow, with step-by-step, written instructions PLUS 4 hours online guidance and support from a certified LYMECLEAR™ Practitioner.

Why other Lyme Disease Solutions Fail

  1. Lack of a comprehensive, structured program
  2. Ineffective or inadequate solutions
  3. Over-emphasis on killing invaders
  4. Failing to address the underlying cause
  5. Unreliable and inadequate testing
  6. Toxicity – “You can’t heal a dirty body”
  7. Weak Immune system
  8. Damaged intestinal lining
  9. Hyper-sensitivity and reactivity
  10. Genetic and individual differences
  11. Undetected Parasites
  12. Nutritional deficiencies
  13. Physical, emotional or environmental stress
  14. Complex conditions… MCAS, MTHFR, Mold, etc..
  15. Inadequate or no support

How to obtain the LymeClear Protocol

There are two options available:

  1. Home Treatment – For clients who prefer LymeClear at home
  2. Retreat – Clients who prefer to attend one of our retreats which is recommended for complex cases over 10 years exposure to Lyme.

Patients interested in Lymeclear should contact the LymeClear team to obtain our 10-page LYMECLEAR™ introductory brochure.

  1. Calling out the Contact Centre on +44 121 502 7518
  2. By sending an email to
  3. Through our website chat service. Click Here
  4. Though our Facebook group Click Here

Do You Have Lyme Disease?

DOWNLOAD the Horowitz Lyme Disease Questionnaire now. If your scores indicate Lyme disease, please get in touch to understand how we can help.

How do you monitor Progress during treatment?

We provide our clients with a home testing kit that they can use to track their progress.

Can you provide Lab Tests before and after treatment? 

Lyme disease lab tests can be arranged with leading US/German labs to confirm your Lyme disease is in remission.

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