Bioresonance, Biophoton, Ozone & Oxygen therapy in Germany

Dale and Annabel travelled to a leading Bioresonance Naturopathic clinic in Essen, Germany in July 2016 for Lyme & Co-infections treatment after antibiotics failed to resolve their health issues. This post captures their experience after two weeks of testing and treatment.

Latest News:  

Treatment in Germany has confirmed the pathogens that made them unwell. The will both need 6-12 weeks of treatment which will be carried out in UK with trips to Germany During August & September.

Essen Clinic.jpg
Treatment Room 1

To test, diagnose and begin treating Dale & Annie for Lyme disease and multiple co-infections

An initial two weeks (in Germany) followed by several weeks of BICOM Bioresonance therapy in the UK.

Naturopathic approach using Bioresonance, Biophoton Therapy, Ozone-Oxygen Therapies, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Snake Poison Therapy, High-Frequency Therapy, Radionics, Flower Essences Therapy, and many others, which may be applied in addition to Bioresonance when required.


Stage 1: 11-23rd July 2016 (2 weeks in Germany to Test, Diagnose and begin treatment)

Stage 2:  25th July 2016 (Continue Treatment in UK supported by MJ in Germany)

Naturopathic Private Clinic
Matthias Jacob and Ruediger Grabosch
Kunkelsberg 34
45239 Essen
Phone: +49 – 201 – 32 03 49 40

The clinic is located in a converted house connected to the therapist’s home in a quiet residential neighborhood close to a reservoir approx 20 mins drive south of Essen, Germany.

Therapy €80 per hour. Allow up to 5 hours each per week.= €400 per person however the therapist can cover 2 people for the price of one !!  So buddy up to share the costs.
Testing €150 one off per person
O2/O3 Infusions – €30 each
Accommodation: Min €350 per week for 2/3 bed apartment
Travel: €230 fuel, ferry


BICOM Optima Bioresonance – Testing  was carried out using a Bioresonance BICOM machine. Our therapist has over 1000 ampules to detect pathogens (Virus, bacteria, mold, parasites etc) and others that can support depleted & acute (diseased) organs.

Futher Details Here


Metapathia Hunter NLS (Non Linear System) Scanner – A key tool in our “home” clinic is this amazing testing device Metapathia  Hunter which provides insight into the stressed areas of the body. This gave us a good indication of where the stressed areas were and a good indication of which pathogen was causing the problem.It also confirmed the test results from the Bicom Bioresoance test.


The Hunter scans the body using biofeedback headphones. The results of the scan are compared to a database of over 2,000+ pathogens (including lyme and many co-infections). The scanner highlightes the potential cause of stress or disease in all organis and systems of the body.

NLS devices are being purchased by more and more therapists as they provide a very quick (10-15mins) non invasive and detailed insight into the patients health. This testing device compliments the Bioresonance ampule testing approach.

The NLS scan presents a visual map of the body and organs. Coloured symbols show healthy, stressed or diseased points which can be analysed further to determine the cause.

Hunter NLSThis technology was developed in Russia and while it’s still experimental, it’s being used increasingly in hospitals and clinics around the world.

This device provides real-time feedback and validation of treatment benefits without having to wait weeks or months for traditional tests.

The picture above shows the mitochondria in the Lymph Nodes are chronical due to Lyme Disease, Epstein Bar (Mono) and Allergies which results in Chronic Tiredness Syndrome (This must be a Russian term for CFS/ME).

Futher Details Here


Treatments used in the clinic:

– Bionic 880 Biophoton treatment
– BICOM Bio-resonance
– Radionics
– Oxygen & Ozone IV infusions
– Snake Poison Therapy
– Bach Flower Treatment (Homeopathy)

Bio Photon Treatment – The BIONIC 880 provides energy and eliminates intracellular bacteria (I.E. Lyme disease bacteria Borrelia).

BICOM Therapy – This consists of three treatments:

  • Built-in Programmes (1000+ specific programmes to address particular issues)
  • BICOM Pathogen Ampules – For treating the pathogens found during testing. This stops pathogens communicating so they can be detected and removed by the immune system. Ampules exist for 30+ Borrelia strains, Biofilm, Cyst and many co-infections.
  • DMI Treatment – Provide energy to support the body remove pathogens. Utilises Schumann Wave therapy as used in the space station which is built into BICOM machine. This boosts energy in chronically ill patients to help them recover.

IV Oxygen & Ozone infusions – These increase the level of oxygen in the blood to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and improve the blood acid/alkalinity.

Radionics Treatment – Details to follow

Snake Poison Therapy – This is planned for the second week. When the poison is removed from Snake Venom it leave behind a rich source of enzymes. More details to follow as we learn more about this treatment.

Futher Details Here

Supporting Treatments:

  • Diet – We consulted with UK based Australian Naturopath & Dietitian (Jenny Blondel) who has helped many Lyme patients and is an expert in diet, gut health, hormones, trace elements, supplements, herbals remedies and many other subjects. She is also a Bioresonance practitioner so she can work collaboratively with other Bioresonance therapists who live nearer to the patient. Both Dale & Annie are on a strict Paleo diet avoiding foods that Bioresonance testing has shown they have an allergy to. Annabel is a Vegan which coupled with her many allergies (Dairy, Milk, Gluten) makes it very difficult to plan meals and eat a balanced diet.
  • Gut Health –  Enzymes are being looked at to restore their damaged gut flora. Once improvements have been achieved, Pre-Biotics will be prescribed followed by probiotics.
  • Herbs – A specific mix of Herbs was created to address their needs. This is a much more convenient to take than Cowden Protocolas you only have one thing to take 2 or 3 times a day. Annie says its the worst thing she has ever tasted.
  • Vitamins – Jenny has prescribed Annie & Dale with several vitamins including Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin D and C.
  • Detox – Primary weapon is Toxaprevent. We are also looking to purchase an FIR Tent, Enterosgel and other detox options to compliment Toxaprevent.
  • Bach Flowers – These are being taken by both to minimise the effects of treatment and to support the healing process. Selection of the best flowers carried out by the therapist using Bioresonance testing.

Futher Details Here

Treatment Approach:

Annie, age 20

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Annie undergoing treatment in Germany
  • Diagnosis
    • Therapist testing confirmed she still has Lyme plus several other bacteria, viruses, mold’s & Parasites.
    • Allergic to everything.
  • Treatment
    • BICOM Bioresonance treatment – 10 treatments
    • Biophoton treatment (3 days a week, 6 treatments)
    • Ozone IV treatment  (One day only, stopped due to fear of needles).
    • No Herxheimer reactions from treatment  although tired and sleeping 10-12 hours a day up from 8 (average).
  • Test Results
    • To Follow
  • Duration of Treatment
    • 6 Weeks if Daily Therapy
    • Guestimated 8-12 weeks if treatment 2 days a week, longer without access to Biophoton & Ozone

Dale, Age 30


  • Diagnosis
    • Test results showed NO LYME disease but many viruses including Epstein Bar (EBV) that may be causing persistent or chronic relapsing Hepatitis in his liver.
    • We assume the antibiotics he was on for a year has cleared the Lyme or less likely, that his multiple positive Lyme tests were false positives caused by viruses .
  • Treatment
    • BICOM Bioresonance treatment to build up organs Day 1-6
    • The Therapist says Dale is too weak from years of chronic illness to start the elimination of pathogens.
    • Oxygen IV infusions 4 times in week 1 has clearly improved oxygen flow to body which is looking a healthy pink again.
  • Test Results
    • Dales Liver is showing signs of stress (Black Squares) before the treatment started.
    • The NLS Hunter 4025 scan below indicates Hepatitis as the casue of the Stress (Black Squares in the picture below) and was confirmed with Bioresonance Ampule Testing.
    • The Bioresonance ampule test for Hepatitis C was also positive, so this virus and one other key virus explains his continued ill health.
    • IMG_8694
      Liver stressed

Overview or Pathogens Identified.


  • Epstein-Barr
  • Heppatitis C  (+Hep Non A/B positive)
  • Herpes simplex
  • Herpes zoster
  • Flu Virus 1987, 1989, 1991
  • Cocksackie Mix
  • Kerato Konjunctivitis  (Adeno Virus)
  • mononucleosis  ( glandular fever).
  • Adeno  Virus
  • V-DarmKatarrh


  • Mould fungus
  • COW’s milk
  • Wheat


  • Staphylococci
  • Mycoplasmas
  • Helicobacter  Pylori


  • Candida alb.
  • Microsporum canis

Heavy Metal

  • Aluminium
  • Cadmium
  • Palladium
  • Mercury
  • Plutonium
  • Tin


  • Dysbacteria Coli
  • Gastroduodenitis – Needs to be cleared before heavy Metals ??
  • Inflammation small  intestine
  • Parasites  (Fasciolopsis buski and Taenia Solium)
  • Alcohol methylicus
  • Fermentation 36%

Other stressors

  • Chakras
  • Focal toxicoses
  • Catalysts   KIDNEY
  • Catalysts Il  KP1,5,6
  • TMJ Joint/ Hyoid bone
  • Nutritional point 92 or 72


  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Essential Fatty Acids


  • Water vein / Geopathic stress
  • Electrosmog
  • Radioactivity
  • Vaccination stress
  • Food additives
  • Laterality disorder
  • other Toxins
  • External garbage
  • Energy level: 13-26%

Treatment Details

Many people have asked for details about the treatment. Here is a link the provides details of the Treatment should you wish to know more.

Travelling & Accommodation:

If you’re interested to know about travelling to this German clinic read on….


  • Traveled by Car – It took 10 Hours with an overnight stay in Brugges.
    • London to Brugges – 5 hours light traffic
    • Brugges to Essen – 5 hours in heavy traffic.
  • Apartment I booked on was a disaster as it only had two and not the three beds shown in misleading photos.
  • I found a new apartment nearby, booked it and moved in within 1 hour. Perfect location overlooking lake. A two Bedroom spacious place with a washroom/spare bed which is Dad’s room now. A bit pricey but if it keeps them happy will be worth it.

Lessons Learned 

  • Buy a German SIM card from a store and not petrol station. They need registering and you have to add a package for data costs 15 Euros for 2 Gb on Vodafone.
  • Get a German Satnav with mapping (try free NAVMII Germany) on your phone before you arrive. My BMW satnav has no local road detail made travel a pain.
  • Bring diet specific food with you. Trying to source gluten free took 2 days.
  • Arrive the day before to get settled in before treatment starts
  • Confirm accommodation details  via phone call to make sure the property is suitable.
  • Don’t trust pictures shown online websites as they often mislead.
  • Driving over allows you to bring a few home comforts, so although a hassle it’s worth it if you don’t mind driving in mainland Europe.

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