MP Surgery Guidance Notes

MP Surgery Guidance Notes

If you are bringing your case to the attention of your MP, this information should help you structure the meeting and provide an up to date definition of the problems faced by UK patients that has been checked for accuracy and consistency.

Key things to establish :

  • How much do they know about Lyme Disease ?
  • Do they want you to educate them about it ?  How much detail do they Need ?
  • Do they have any other Patients in their constituency
  • Has any of their family & friends ever had Lyme disease ?

Please provide feedback on how your MP meeting went and what information they were looking for and what the next actions are, so we can maintain a central tracking database.

Please do not forward this information to anyone as we want to track who has used it and their progress with the MP.

Meeting with Your MP


  • Explain your background, where you live, work etc
  • Describe your Family, ages etc
  • Use this time to break the ice and get to know them
  • Ask how long you have and if they have at least 15 minutes

Describe your Situation

  • Provide a brief  overview of your situation
  • Avoid going into a huge amount of Detail
  • How long have you been ill ?
  • Did you have an EM Rash that’s clinical Proof ?
  • How many doctors have you seen ?
  • Show tests have you had and the results – Stress if you had positive private tests
  • What treatment did you get (keep it brief) ?
  • What is the impact on your daily Life ?
  • Have you been featured in any Press Articles ?
  • Prepare a history of events, testing, diagnosis & treatment and provide as evidence.

Describe what you need from the MP

  • Experienced Doctor – Tests –  Diagnosis – Treatment ?  Think this through beforehand.
  • Describe any other needs ?
  • So you need Financial Help ?

Describe the Problem in the UK

See Link – Separate document as this list is undergoing change.

Describe changes required by the Patient Community  

See Link – Separate document as this list is undergoing change.

  • If this is the first time you are meeting the MP, don’t overwhelm them with information
  • You might want to delay give them more detail on the second meeting

Information Pack ** [Available Soon]

  • Show them the MP Information Pack **
  • Show them the minutes from the Parliamentary Meeting on the 19th Jan 2015  Link
  • Provide the list of MPS’s & Lords who are concerned and active **
  • Show the Case Studies of real people suffering ** Link
  • Show them the 1 page Lyme Disease Poster **
  • Show them the Basic Introduction to Lyme Disease & Glossary of Terms

Agree Next Actions

  • Get them to commit to specific actions by specific dates
  • If they don’t provide a date suggest one politely
  • Ask them if they need any more information over and above what you have supplied them
  • Ask if they would support an early day motion (244 MP’s supported the last one it needs 400)?
  • Suggest that they contact Lady Mar, Lord Greaves & Simon Hughes MP
  • Ask how they will get back to you (email, phone, letter, meeting)
  • Thank them for their interest in helping you


** signifies information to come

This document is a DRAFT and has yet to be validated & checked for accuracy and relevance.


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