Mouth Swab of Alzheimers disease patient showing numerous spirochetes and a typical flagellated borrelia bacteria


Spirochetes from mouth swab

2014 12 22 Mouth Swab spirochetes HD 100 fps, 2500x HiSHRUB-Ultra HD Microscopy

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Armin Koroknay

Published on 24 Dec 2014

Mouth swab of a patient with progressive M. Alzheimers disease showing numerous spirochetes and atypical flagellated borrelia bacteria. For the first time we could visualize very small spirochetes shorter than 3 micrometers an thinner than 1 micrometer, which move so rapidly, that normal video resolution an 25 frames per second cannot resolve their shape. If the observer sets the frmarate to slow motion in the bottom right menue of you tube video, all quickly moving flagellated abcteria can be seen much more clearly due to 100 fps high speed video recording. Uploading to you tube has reduced framerat to 60 fps, which is still enough to see very sharp images at 0.25x speed setting, representing 15 fps. thanks to the high frame rate rather sharp still images can be taken from the video, showing clearly the shape of 10 nm thick bacterial flagellae moving very rapidly.
One yellowish spirochete can be observed eating annother bacterial species. The video was taken with a very bright plasma LED illumination and a high sensitivity full frame CMOS chip high speed camera. To our knowledge these video represents the highest quality video of alzheimer causing spirochetes living in their natural environment, and behaving like in humans.
Magnification at 2500x, All rights reserved to A. Koroknay, Zürich, Switzerland.

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