When Lyme Tests are negative

I saw my Doctor today and asked what was the next step as my Lyme was negative. He replied well its a good thing its negative as you don’t have it.
He looked at me and I was hanging off the chair in severe pain looking very Insane and delusion! I was about to explain about the Lyme test not being reliable, but in my heart I knew I was not going to get any where with it. I went right back to when I first got the tick bite and the symptoms I am having, and how unwell I am feeling with the heart palpitations and the severe pain and numbness in my varicose veins where I had the bite. He told me with all the cut backs with the N.H.S Im not going to get a Referral to the vein consultant unless my leg goes a funny color or i get any sores. I dont have any fight left, I cant get through to them, yes they know I am not well, but hey who cares, cos your test was negative!

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  • Jc Lisa That exactly the point I reached paula degville, I just give up with the docs after 20 odd years diagnose me with me ,chronic fatigue ,spondilosis ,arthiritus etc and try and bare the pain and aches and general brain fog,senstive eyes etc etc the See More
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  • Joanne Drayson You don’t have to give up either of you – even if you haven’t the fight for your GP, you should e mail support@lymediseaseaction.org.uk – they may give you advice you can use to discuss with GP or maybe even send on ahead of a further appointment – if they take 5 mins to look at the information it could be enough to give you a trial of antibiotics.
    Keep your ears open for the possibility of Lyme Disease Clinic re opening maybe not at Winchester maybe Southampton – it is designed for people like us (not open and shut cases) 
    Meanwhile you could try to get blood test to send off to IgeneX or BCA labs for your own interest but sometimes it has helped some patients get treatment.
    In a last resort many have bought antibiotics on line – a 3 month fictitious trip to West Africa will get you Doxycycline as a Malaria prophylactic ( imagine the very treatment that can help many patients improve their symptoms is given for long periods for someone just a sa prophylactic)https://onlinedoctor.lloydspharmacy.com/…/malaria-tablets Then there is Burrascano detailed treatment protocols see files above
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  • Joanne Drayson Then of course there is Dr Horowitz amazing book which will help you seek some tests from GP to find what problems you suffer with and ideas for treatments – follow the links from this blog posthttp://lookingatlyme.blogspot.co.uk/…/infection…
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