Welcome to the Lyme KnowledgeBase created to help patients, family & friends learn how to obtain treatment for Lyme Disease and related co-infections.  This site was designed to make it easier to access the latest content on the Web,  so you can spend more time learning how to diagnose and treat the disease.  This site also addresses the problem that there is a large amount of knowledge buried in closed Facebook Groups and Blogs which cannot easily be searched or is not available unless you are a member.  Information Overload is also a common problem when dealing with the mass of information and conflicting information on the Web. We hope you like our site and welcome your suggestions on how to improve it.


This site was launched in Jan 2015 and will be maintained by “bloggers” (recruiting now) who will find and publish the latest and most interesting articles available from the Web, Facebook, twitter, blogs, websites. This will highlight the latest developments, research and news,  basically anything of interest to those with Lyme Disease.

This content will be structured under sensible categories (topics) that make it easier to search for content.

This site is very new and a lot more content is required, so please check back from time to time to see how were getting on. If you like the site, please Like us on Facebook and share the link.

Healthcare Providers
This blog will serve as a tool to help healthcare providers access the latest medical research and treatment strategies.

New to Lyme Disease ?

This site will help bring those new to Lyme up to speed quickly on how to diagnose and treat Lyme Disease.

This site provides a consolidation of information found on the web, it does not offer any validation or endorsement of the content provided. It is up to the reader to validate the content provided for themselves. Please contact us if  you believe any content on this site is misleading or incorrect. This site and its owner have no affiliations and receive no commercial benefit from any of the information posted. This is a non profit site for avoidance of doubt.


Lyme Disease Knowledge Base

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